A City Guide To Dar Kulayb

A City Guide To Dar Kulayb for Most people seek to provide for their own interests”or the interests of their kith politics, power, and the public good 5 7 and kin”first and foremost. In a world of scarce resources, this concern for selfinterest breeds competition and conflict. Indeed, politics might be viewed as bounded conflict, as a means of managing conflict such that it does not deteriorate into private feuding or mob violence. The attempt to manage conflict brings individuals, and groups of individuals (political parties), into a competitive quest for power. This quest for power stimulates public debate and discussion not only about the rules and procedures for allocating resources but also about the very nature, meaning, and purpose of the political process itself. The political use of power, in this respect, is a self-defining activity. As E. A City Guide To Dar Kulayb 2016.

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