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A City Guide To Dalianwan for For example, if a person’s risk of disease is thought to be moderate or high, preventive measures can be suggested, such as dietary change or smoking cessation. In order for screening to be of public health societal benefit as well as benefit to the individual, many of those identified as at risk of future disease would be required to change their behaviour. It will become evident in later chapters that predicting behaviour change is highly complex Chapter , and thus interventions to change individuals’ risk behaviour face many challenges Chapters and n Genetic screening One particular form of risk factor screening deserving of further mention is that of screening for genetic susceptibility. With advances in the diagnostic technology for carrier status of genes predisposing to a range of conditions, such as breast cancer e.g. genes BRCA and BRCA see Sivell et al. for a review or obesity e. A City Guide To Dalianwan 2016.

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