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A City Guide To Dalian for who.int What do YOU think? What type of health screening behaviour do you engage in? Do you attend dental check-ups? Do you attend even when you have had six months without any symptoms of tooth decay? If not, consider your reasons for not doing so. If you receive a clean bill of health’, how do you feel? Do you change the way you look after your teeth at all due to feeling reassured that they are healthy’? Do you engage in any form of self-examination breasts, testes? If so, what made you start doing this? What would influence whether or not you would go to your doctor if you found something atypical? H – n desire for physical fitness n desire to lose weight, change body shape and appearance n desire to maintain or enhance health status n desire to improve self-image and mood n as a means of stress reduction n as a social activity. However, it is not to be inferred that choosing not to exercise reflects an absence of the types of desire and goals listed above. Many perceived barriers exist that contribute to people’s reasons for not exercising, even when they simultaneously report, for example, a desire to lose weight. Barriers commonly mentioned include n lack of time n cost n lack of access to appropriate facilities and equipment n embarrassment n lack of self-belief n lack of someone to go with to provide support. Differences have been found in the beliefs and attitudes towards exercise held by those who are active and those who are not active. A City Guide To Dalian 2016.

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