A City Guide To Cox’s Bazaar

A City Guide To Cox’s Bazaar for These schemes and systems all evidence theoretical insight. The French thinker Auguste Comte (1798 1857) was perhaps the first modern social scientist to insist that no real observation of any kind of phenomenon is possible, except in as far as it is first directed, and finally interpreted, by some theory.1 Theory, in one form or other, channels most if not all of our perceptions, attitudes, opinions, values, judgments, and actions. Theories do not simply chart reality; they aid us in constructing it. To say that our most basic perceptions are directed and interpreted by theory is not to suggest that there is no reality out there apart from our theoretical constructions of it. Indeed, the problem we face as theorists is not an absence of facts about our world but an overabundance of them. Theories are the conceptual lenses we use to sort through the plethora of facts that confront us each day. A City Guide To Cox’s Bazaar 2016.

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