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A City Guide To Chonglong for Measures Proficiency in performing BSE was assessed in a random sample of over , women in the IG and CG, where the women had to demonstrate breast cancer examination techniques on silicone breast models that had a varying number of lumps to detect. Women also reported the frequency of their own BSE practice. Procedure Members of the IG were instructed in when and how best to perform breast self-examination in groups of ten individuals taught by specially trained medical workers. Techniques were demonstrated, practised and discussed. Reinforcement sessions took place after one and three years; actual BSE practice was conducted under medical supervision every three months in Year and then every six months in Years and participants received regular reminders at work and at home. In stark contrast, the CG participants received no instruction or information on BSE, but concurrent with the IG’s second reinforcement session they received an education session on the prevention of lower back pain to provide a health focus for these participants that may enhance continued participation. Follow-up procedures were rigorous, using factory medical workers who collated reports of breast lump detection and referred women with confirmed lumps to hospital surgeons for evaluation. A City Guide To Chonglong 2016.

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