A City Guide To Chittagong

A City Gide To Chittagong for One means to gain this ftre focs is for long-term ecological and social costs to be figred into the rices aid for goods and services This is known as 198 thinking olitics fll-cost acconting If the goods and services we consme today are not riced to accont for the environmental costs of their rodction, delivery, and disosal, then or resent savings are effectively gained at the exense of ftre generations resent-day benefits entail costs to ftre generations, who will find their resorces deleted and their environment degraded Only a rationality that romts one to make decisions from the standoint of a olitical commnity sfficiently extended in time can marshal itself against the ecological destrctiveness of short-term economic efficiency The so-called invisible hand that the Scottish classical economist Adam Smith 1723 90 said was wisely giding the free market decidedly lacks a green thmb Or freedom in today’s market commits ftre generations to aying extensive ecological rearations A City Gide To Chittagong 2016

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