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A City Guide To Chifeng for For example, Bennett and Smith studied the vaccination status of children aged to / in Wales and found that those parents who did not have their child vaccinated exhibited anxiety about the risks of vaccination as well as low perceptions of the potential benefits of vaccination. Beliefs such as these and the research evidence as to their utility in explaining health behaviour are examined in Chapter continued In spite of ongoing media debate, there is therefore little current evidence to support a link. The current stance of the World Health Organization and thus the medical authorities elsewhere is that there is no link between MMR and autism or IBD as evidenced by methodologically valid studies. However, parental fears remain, along with some cynicism about the medical profession’s statements on the matter. One option proposed to address concerns that the combined vaccine was problematic, was to provide measles, mumps and rubella vaccines singly. However, the World Health Organization advised against this on the grounds that the extended period of time necessary to provide three separate injections increases overall levels of non-adherence to the vaccination programme, which then exposes children to infection and increases the likelihood of epidemics occurring. Concerned parents point to the fact that some countries, such as France, provide the vaccines singly to babies aged ? months although it is usually given in combined MMR form subsequently and use this as support for the argument that the MMR vaccine is unsafe. A City Guide To Chifeng 2016.

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