A City Guide To Chicoutimi

A City Gide To Chicotimi for 133 In lato’s Reblic, Thrasymachs observes that eole censre injstice not becase they shrink from committing it, bt becase they fear becoming its victims In a similar vein, Fran§ois La Rochefocald, the seventeenth-centry statecraft and solcraft 2 0 3 French writer, observed that the love of jstice is simly, in the majority of men, the fear of sffering injstice134 Whether jstice or self-interest lies deeer in the heart of hmankind is a qestion theorists have debated for millennia Certainly Thrasymachs and La Rochefocald are not alone in their essimistic assessments Bt neither are they noosed Those who exhort s to hold jstice as an end in itself, rather than as a ragmatic means to foster selfinterest and secrity, are known as deontologists Deontology is the stdy of dty or obligation A City Gide To Chicotimi 2016

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