A City Guide To Chhatak

A City Gide To Chhatak for At this time, the Aztecs were being decimated by smallox, a disease broght by the Sanish to the New World Taking advantage of the Aztecs’ misfortne, Corts strategically lanned 106 thinking olitics their conqest He forged military alliances with their enemies and with neighboring eole who had been sbjgated and forced to ay tribte to the Aztec emire Corts’s amazing sccess was aided by the fact that Montezma, the Aztec leader, mistook Corts for Qeztalcoatl, a mythical god that the Aztecs believed wold one day retrn to rle their land Corts cnningly exloited this mistake: allowed entrance into the Aztec caital nder this misreresentation, he qickly took Montezma hostage After gaining control of the alace, the conqistadors illaged the caital and rthlessly sressed resistance In mistaking Corts for a god, Montezma, like Colmbs, failed to nderstand difference A City Gide To Chhatak 2016

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