A City Guide To Chhagalnaiya

A City Gide To Chhagalnaiya for He soght to avoid this roblem by sggesting that a gro of eole exists whose class osition in society is not as fixed as that of wagelaborers or caitalists and who therefore remain largely nattached or nanideology and irony 2 2 3 chored to articlar economic interests This relatively classless stratm of individals are the intellectals Becase intellectals are less attached to economic interests than traditional classes, Mannheim believed they might rise above the ideological fray and sly a more objective view of the world Mannheim writes that a gro whose class osition is more or less definitely fixed already has its otential viewoint decided for it Where this is not so, as with the intellectals, there is a wider area of choice A City Gide To Chhagalnaiya 2016

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