A City Guide To Chatham-Kent

A City Guide To Chatham-Kent for He observes that we live politically, whereas other animals that sleep, travel, forage, or hunt in groups only live collectively. Animal collectivities are often organizationally sophisticated and behaviorally complex. Ant, bee and wasp colonies, for example, are hierarchically ordered, with distinct leaders and followers and quite sophisticated divisions of labor. Along with other social animals, they may engage in complex collective activities such as eugenics, warfare and slavery. Mammals, and primates in particular, evidence many of the tendencies basic to political life, such as struggles for leadership, reciprocity in relationships, punishment for rule-breaking, the mitigation of conflict, and mutual aid.2 What differentiates human societies from animal colonies, packs, and herds, therefore, is not that humans organize themselves or that this organization results in complex collective order. Certain animals, such as ants, bees and wasps, create societies that exhibit a much greater degree of order with much less disruption than human societies. A City Guide To Chatham-Kent 2016.

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