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A City Guide To Chaoyang for It is now rare for a child living in the Western world, and increasingly in developing countries where vaccination programmes are being promoted, to die from measles, diphtheria or polio. The World Health Organization had set a target for almost universal vaccination by , and in there were high hopes of achieving population immunity against measles, at least in Britain, with uptake a reported per cent Bellaby However, widespread publicity following a study that reported adverse effects of the combined MMR vaccination has largely been credited’ with the downturn in immunisation uptake, caused by a lack of public confidence. The public debate about vaccine safety has spread generally but has been at its most vociferous in relation to the MMR vaccine, originally introduced in This is addressed below, in the spotlight. While socio-economic variables such as low educational attainment have been found to influence the uptake of vaccination e.g. New and Senior ; IN THE SPOTLIGHT Immunisation debate and the MMR vaccination In order to achieve population immunity, the required uptake of a measles vaccine is between and per cent BMA b. The figure for uptake of the MMR measles, mumps and rubella combined vaccine in the UK was below per cent, which signifies a drop of several per cent. A City Guide To Chaoyang 2016.

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