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A City Guide To Chaoyang for The authors conclude that BSE is unlikely to reduce breast cancer mortality, and as a result of these and similar earlier findings, breast self-examination recommendations have generally been minimised, although some authorities still promote the practice e.g. the American Cancer Society. C onclusion This is a well-conducted, large-scale study that gives ample consideration to factors that may have influenced the results by means of rigorous examination of clinical and contextual data and by impressive follow-up procedures. However, one limitation is that the data pertaining to the frequency of BSE practice are limited and lacking in specificity most simply reported monthly’ BSE and it is therefore unclear just how frequently the IG were in fact performing BSE outwith the actual supervised sessions. Therefore the conclusion is more that the teaching of BSE had no survival benefits, and that further study is needed where frequency is more rigorously assessed. For other researchers to obtain such a sample size and such commitment to long-term follow-up as Thomas and colleagues’ report will be quite a challenge. A City Guide To Chaoyang 2016.

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