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A City Guide To Changling for There were no effects of hospital in terms of the baseline risk factors of the women in the IG or the CG, and the groups shared affiliations with the same hospitals; thus diagnostic and treatment facilities available to each group were comparable. Women in the IG had good levels of competence in performing BSE, although it did decline over time. The IG women also found a higher proportion of breast lumps than those in the CG, although the numbers of cancers diagnosed were similar in both groups for each year of the trial after the first year. However, the IG women who detected lumps subsequently found to be malignant did not detect them at a sufficiently less advanced stage to confer an advantage in terms of treatments likely to enhance survival. The study did not find any significant effects of BSE on survival over a ?-year period, and an identical percentage of women developed breast cancer and died in each group per cent. Discussion While the authors report greater detection of lumps in the breast by women in the BSE IG, a higher number of these lumps were found to be benign. The finding of more lumps, which resulted in an increased number of biopsies many for lumps subsequently found to be benign, has extensive cost implications. A City Guide To Changling 2016.

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