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A City Guide To Changleng for e. it should ideally be carried out mid-menstrual cycle, in an upright position as well as when lying down, and should include examination of all tissue in the breast, nipple and underarm areas. Worryingly, a recent study Steadman and Quine confirmed low levels of knowledge among young adult males about testicular cancer and also found low levels of knowledge regarding the potential benefits of self-examination. This study went on to demonstrate that a simple intervention, which required half of the participants to write down and visualise when, where and how they would self-examine their testes over the forthcoming three weeks, led to a significantly higher proportion of them self-examining than that found in the control group who did not form such plans. This study demonstrates the relative ease with which behaviour can be changed, although a longer-term follow-up would be beneficial to check whether self-examination practices were maintained beyond the study period. This intervention focused specifically on making an individualised plan for action, referred to in health psychology as forming an implementation intention’. This construct, and further research supporting its practical utility in developing interventions, is described in the next chapter. A City Guide To Changleng 2016.

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