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A City Guide To Changde for In Scotland, MMR coverage dropped from per cent in to per cent in , whereas the level of MenC meningitis C uptake was per cent. Why is one immunisation being taken up less commonly than another? It is likely that this is in part due to differing perceptions of the illnesses concerned meningitis is almost universally feared, whereas measles may be considered a less serious illness; in part due to the manner in which health professionals advocate the different vaccines e.g. New and Senior and in part due to the nature of publicity attracted by the different diseases/vaccines. Concerns about immunisation and vaccination are not new, but over recent years debate has raged in relation to the suggested link between the measles, mumps and rubella MMR vaccine and autism, and to a lesser degree at least in terms of publicity inflammatory bowel disease IBD. Media concerns have a tendency to become public and parental concerns, and as a result a significant decline in the percentage of children immunised against these diseases has been witnessed. W hat stimulated the media debate? Wakefield et al. A City Guide To Changde 2016.

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