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A City Guide To Bijie for We learn from our own positive and negative experience, but we also learn vicariously’ through exposure to, and observation of, other people’s behaviour and experiences. The behaviour of people around us creates a perceived social norm’, which suggests implicit or explicit approval for certain behaviour. For example, a four-year follow-up study of nearly , American high school students found that per cent of non-smokers at high school had started smoking by college follow-up; per cent of original experimental’ smokers had increased their smoking behaviour; and the remaining students had stayed the same either non-smokers, experimenting with smoking none in last month, current smokers or ex-smokers Choi et al Clear differences were found in the factors that explained initiation to smoking from non-smoking i.e. white, rebellious students who did not like school and progression from experimental irregular, social, shortterm smoking to current smoker. Those who progressed in their smoking behaviour perceived peer approval for their smoking and perceived experimental smoking as safe. Additionally, perceived parental approval was a more important influence on starting smoking than on progression. A City Guide To Bijie 2016.

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