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A City Guide To Barguna for The northern migration of African-Americans continued after the war, opening new avenues of economic opportunity. The end of the war. Following his habit of approaching politics from an intellectual angle, Wilson spoke to Congress in January 1918 and announced his Fourteen Points, which identified the requirements for peace with Germany. Wilson’s document called for a peace treaty, freedom of the seas, resumption of open trade, arms reduction, territorial adjustments, respect for national sovereignty, an international peacekeeping body and monetary compensation to the Allies. Germany ultimately agreed, and plans for a peace conference began. The major participants were David Lloyd George (1863 1945) for Great Britain, Georges Clemenceau (1841 1929) for France, Vittorio Orlando (1860 1952) for ITALY, and Wilson for the United States. Since Italy had earlier ties to Germany, the other three basically ran the show. A City Guide To Barguna 2016.

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