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A City Guide To Baoying for If individuals do not value their health, it is thought that they are unlikely to engage in health-protective behaviour even if they feel they have control over their health, because health is not a high priority e.g. Wallston and Smith . Individuals with an internal HLC or a powerful others HLC who also value their health are therefore more likely to behave in a health-protective manner, whether that be, in the case of internal LoC, commencing a healthy eating programme, or in the case of a powerful others HLC, going to a local health clinic for dietary advice. Powerful others beliefs may detract from an individual taking active responsibility for the relevant behaviour, with such individuals being over-reliant on medical cures’. Despite Wallston’s refinements to the Rotter internal?external scale, generalised LoC dimensions have proved to be only a modest predictor of behaviour. Norman and Bennett , for example, reviewed studies that investigated the associations between Wallston’s three sub-scales and the protective health behaviour of healthy people and concluded that the relationship was a weak one. A City Guide To Baoying 2016.

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