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A City Guide To Baotou for Although this debate is relatively new, it suggests that interventions aiming to enhance specific perceived behavioural control beliefs may be most effective if targeted at those with an internal locus of control. Other personality characteristics may also affect proximal predictors of behaviour. Linda Cameron has shown, following a study of beliefs about skin cancer risk, that beliefs in low personal control over cure of the disease were associated with greater risk perception perceived likelihood of developing skin cancer and lower intention to engage in prevention Cameron . She suggested that this association may reflect underlying personality such as dispositional pessimism or anxiety, as other studies have found these to influence susceptibility beliefs e.g. Gerend et al Social norms, family and friends Humans are fundamentally social beings. Our behaviour is a result of many influences the general culture and environment into which we are born; the day-to-day culture in which we live and work; the groups, subgroups and individuals with whom we interact; and our own personal emotions, beliefs, values and attitudes, all of which are influenced by these wider factors. A City Guide To Baotou 2016.

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