A City Guide To Bandarban

A City Gide To Bandarban for If we, in the manner of strict negative libertarians, limit the meaning of freedom to the absence of actal hysical constraint, then we cannot seak of overty as constitting a lack of economic freedom This may translate into increased olitical difficlties for nderclasses in their strggle against economic derivation Alternatively, if we follow Marx in defining hman being as a secies-being, that is, a commnal animal, this may lead to increased difficlty for those who wish to chamion individal rights and avoid a tyranny of the majority Likewise, if we define reason instrmentally and economically, as a faclty for devising the ideology and irony 2 2 5 most efficient means to given ends, then we cannot seak of a erson’s goal as irrational in itself, even if this goal fosters the collase of olitical commnity or widesread ecological destrction The roblem is not simly that articlar beliefs and vales are ideological The roblem is that langage itself has ideological ndercrrents Almost any word may become an ideological tool and be t to ideological ses A City Gide To Bandarban 2016

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