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A City Guide To Baijiantan for In general, conscientiousness is associated with positive health behaviour for a meta-analysis see Bogg and Roberts whereas neuroticism tends to associate with negative health behaviour Goldberg and Strycker Booth-Kewley and Vickers , including dietary pickiness’ fussiness and neophobia among a sample of Scottish children aged between and MacNicol et al In seeming contradiction to this negative influence of neuroticism, it has also been associated with high levels of health-care use. This is attributed to the tendency of highly neurotic individuals to report greater attention to bodily sensations and to label them as symptoms’ of disease more than people lower in neuroticism Jerram and Coleman and see Chapter However, Friedman concluded that there is no consistent evidence that people scoring high on neuroticism engage in a greater range or frequency of health-enhancing behaviour or in less damaging health behaviour than those people with low neuroticism, and that healthy neurotics’ may exist as well as unhealthy neurotics’. This suggests therefore that personality traits such as neuroticism offer insufficient explanation for health or risk behaviour. What may add to the predictive utility of personality factors is some exploration of how personality traits effect the motivations for carrying out behaviour. Self-determination theory Deci and Ryan distinguishes between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation whereby a person is motivated to behave in a certain way for the inherent personal satisfaction or rewards it produces, such as feelings of competence or autonomy, or because of other externally situated rewards, such as peer approval. Testing this theory in relation to the safer sexual behaviour of students, Ingledew and Ferguson found that students scoring high on agreeableness or conscientiousness had intrinsic, autonomous or self-determined motivations to perform safer sex e.g. A City Guide To Baijiantan 2016.

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