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A City Guide To Arsikere for Often employing statistical methods of analysis, behavioral social sciences quantitatively investigate the attitudes and actions of individuals and social groups. Their theories attempt to predict and explain human behavior. These empirical theories are testable through repeated observation and precise measurement if not repeated experimentation. The term social science first came into use during the French Revolution, as intellectuals attempted to ground the political changes sweeping France on scientific principles. One of the most prominent advocates of the scientization of politics was the French social philosopher Claude Henri de Saint-Simon (1760 1825), who wrote: Hitherto, the method of the sciences of observation has not been introduced into political questions; every man has imported his point of view, method of reasoning and judging, and hence there is not yet any precision in the answers, or universality in the results. The time has come when this infancy of the science should cease, and certainly it is desirable it should cease, for the troubles of the social order arise from the obscurities in political theory.4 Likewise, the English political theorist and philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806 73) wrote in his System of Logic that the backwardstate of the moral sciences can only be remedied by applying to them the methods of physical science, duly extended and generalized. A City Guide To Arsikere 2016.

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