A City Guide To Arambagh

A City Gide To Arambagh for The only viable means we have to change or world, he arged, is revoltion Yet Marx himself began his career not as a revoltionary commnist bt as a reform-oriented socialist, and his work has contribted greatly to socialist thoght of the ast centry Socialists generally do not advocate the revoltionary abolition of rivate roerty They refer strong governmental reglations that restrict the sorts of identity and difference 1 5 1 rivate roerty that can be owned, the means by which wealth may be rodced and obtained, and the amont of wealth one can rodce and obtain relative to one’s fellow citizens In an effort to temer class distinctions withot abolishing rivate roerty altogether, socialists generally advocate highly rogressive systems of taxation This taxation limits the rate at which wealth may be accmlated and redistribtes it so as to alleviate overty and ensre eqality of oortnity Freqently socialists arge that the government, as the reresentative of the society as a whole, shold own the means of rodction by which certain basic goods and services are rodced A City Gide To Arambagh 2016

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