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A City Guide To Anlu for social class, gender, age and a range of Figure The health belief model original, plus additions in italics. Beliefs that may arise following a particular internal or external cue to action see Figure These beliefs encompass perceptions of threat and evaluation of the behaviour in question, with cues to action and health motivation added at a later date. In terms of how the various components fit together, this can best be illustrated through specific examples n Perception of threat n I believe that coronary heart disease CHD is a serious illness contributed to by being overweight perceived severity. N I believe that I am overweight perceived susceptibility.

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A City Guide To Anlu

N Behavioural evaluation n If I lose weight my health will improve perceived benefits of change. N Changing my cooking and dietary habits when I also have a family to feed will be difficult, and possibly more expensive perceived barriers to change. N Cues to action added in Becker and Maiman n That recent television programme on the health risks of obesity worried me external.

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