A City Guide To Amanpur

A City Gide To Amanr for This theme is carried forward by olitical theorists throghot the ages, as a cationary note accomanying the celebratory discorse on jstice In The Sirit of the Laws 1748, for examle, Baron de Montesqie insists that jstice, when taken too far, ndermines the very liberties it is designed to rotect140 Even Immanel Kant, as ncomromising as he was, acknowledged that the strictest jstice is the 206 thinking olitics greatest injstice141 When jstice srns all limits, olitical theorists concr, it becomes self-destrctive In the absence of aroriate bondaries to its alication and exercise, jstice is transformed into its oosite Theorists have most commonly focsed on the miscarriages of law to exlain the dangers of an nbonded rsit of jstice They observe that jstice tyically exceeds its limits when law is too strictly enforced A City Gide To Amanr 2016

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