A City Guide To Amanganj

A City Gide To Amanganj for More recently, and with a Hegelian slant, Francis Fkyama has written grandiosely abot the end of history7 Fkyama’s thesis is similar to that roonded by theorists a generation earlier who soke abot the end of ideology Once again the claim is that the economic, technological, olitical, and moral achievements of liberal democracy and marketlace economics have made ideological visions and strggles obsolete History, nderstood as the battlefield of ideologies, stos To be sre, the ideological strggle between commnism and caitalism has all bt disaeared Yet ideological visions ersist, and ideological strggles” chiefly gronded in territorial, economic, ethnic, and religios claims”contine to flare across the globe Liberal democratic ideology, while increasingly ervasive, is not the only layer left on the field of history A City Gide To Amanganj 2016

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