A City Guide To Aluva

A City Guide To Aluva for If the map we create is overly reduced in size, if it is simplified to the point where crucial details are lost, then it will fail to aid us in finding our way about. A map of a country that reveals mountain ranges and major bodies of water but leaves out all highways and thoroughfares may be wonderfully compact, but it will not help us find our way from city to city. Theories must be sufficiently detailed to allow for accurate assessments or explanations of the world. 6 thinking politics If a theory is both sufficiently parsimonious and sufficiently accurate, we say that it is elegant. An elegant theory concisely and precisely interprets, describes, explains, or predicts some aspect of the world. An elegant theory simplifies reality enough to make it comprehensible but remains accurate enough in its representations to avoid unnecessary ambiguity. The particular balance struck between parsimony and accuracy will, of course, vary according to the circumstances. A City Guide To Aluva 2016.

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