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A City Guide To Altay for g. smoking may be banned in the workplace, and alcohol consumption may be restricted in front of parents or colleagues in comparison with peers. The next part of the chapter addresses a range of theories and models that have been developed in an attempt to explain and thereby predict health behaviour. Models of health behaviour First, it is important to remind the reader that by adopting healthy habits, we are only reducing the statistical risks of ill health, not guaranteeing that we will lead a long, healthy life. Furthermore, we should not expect that by examining human behaviour and the motives for it, we shall ever be able to fully explain the huge variations in people’s health. Behaviour is not the only factor that causes disease. We can, at best, offer a partial social, cognitive and behavioural explanation of illness, and an evidence-based conclusion as to how to intervene to prevent or reduce the likelihood of illness in some individuals. A City Guide To Altay 2016.

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