A City Guide To Ahmadpur

A City Guide To Ahmadpur for In turn, political theories are not so much proven true or false as they are shown to be helpful or unhelpful in understanding collective existence, an existence that is rife with meaning but short on truth. To say that political theory is an interpretive rather than strictly scientific enterprise is to say something about what political theorists perceive when they look at the world as well as how they perceive it. Interpretive theory seeks to gain understanding of political life through self-reflective study. It is validated not by experimental verification but by its meaningfulness, that is, by the resonance it produces with its self-interpretive audience. This resonance often takes the form of critical engagement. It may be gauged by the extent to which a theory interrogates, informs, and illuminates individual experiences and collective existence.11 Political theorists vary greatly in the degree to which they tend toward the interpretive or scientific end of the social science spectrum. A City Guide To Ahmadpur 2016.

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