A City Guide To Adampur

A City Guide To Adampur for Without rules and rulers to enforce them, a war of all against all ensues. In this anarchic state of nature, Hobbes states in a famous passage, life is solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.10 Once we accept the premises of Hobbes’s deductive theory, namely, that ever-fearful humans seek power after power ending only in death, his conclusion inevitably follows. There is but one way to escape the constant fear of being killed or subdued. Everyone must agree to make one person (or a single governmental body) an all-powerful sovereign. This Leviathan, as Hobbes calls the supreme governmental power, would be capable of forcibly maintaining peace and order among its subjects. The only alternative to anarchy, for Hobbes, is authoritarian government. A City Guide To Adampur 2016.

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