A City Guide of Ambahta

A City Gide of Ambahta for No theorist can comletely divorce her interests and biases from the langage and the concets she emloys That is not to say that olitical theories cannot or shold not be gronded in reason, bt that reason means different things to difideology and irony 2 2 7 ferent eole, as do most of the other concets, rinciles, and rocedres on which a olitical theory might be based If the ideological enchant for viewing the world throgh a single lens is ever-resent in olitical theorizing, so is an oosing tendency, which we may call irony Ideology systematizes the world in order to rovide ractical answers, while irony deconstrcts the world in order to rovide roblematic qestions nlike the ideologist, the ironist is not very self-assred, for she acknowledges that there is no single best lens with which to view the world, or at least admits that she has failed to discover it This is not viewed as a shortcoming Rather, by looking throgh many lenses, the ironist gains an increasingly exansive view of the world withot committing to any articlar set of concets or vales A City Gide of Ambahta 2016

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