5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Lifestyle

1 Have some ‘me time’ Giving yourself a break each day – whether it is to have a bath, read a book, or take a walk can really help us to collect our thoughts and reduce stress. This is turn keeps us feeling refreshed.

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2 Swap out your snacks Eating sugary treats, such as biscuits and chocolate can feel like they are giving you an energy boost, but these can also make you crash later in the day. Swapping these for something a little healthier, such as vegetable crudités with hummus, oat cakes or fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is also quite high in sugar, so make sure this is balanced with other snacks.

3 Cut caffeine in the evenings Moving over to decaffeinated drinks towards the end of the day (at least six hours before bed) can help you to get a more restful sleep. The same goes for alcohol, which people often think can help them get off to sleep, but in can in fact cause a more disturbed, restless night.

4 Food shop with a list It is easy to get distracted by offers and promotions when doing the weekly shop at the supermarket and this can lead to picking up items that seem good value rather than those that have nutritional value. So if you are tempted by these sort of things, it can be a good idea to make sure you always take a list and stick to it. This has benefits both health-wise and financially, in not buying unnecessary items

5 Get outside This may seem a lot easier in the middle of summer than the cold, blustery evenings of November, but now that the nights have drawn in, it is important to get outside, especially while there is some muchneeded winter sunlight. This has a positive impact on mood, and allows you to let go of stresses and strains of the day.

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