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4 day vacation ideas for It is impossible to believe that Matthew did not think of this text when he mentioned the gifts brought by the Magi. Indeed it is dificult to think that the Magi’s choice of gifts was not inluenced by Isaiah’s eschatological oracle. Certainly the Magi had some knowledge of Jewish messianic expectations. In bringing their gifts, however, the Magi could hardly have been imagining that they were completely fulilling Isaiah They would presumably have felt that they were anticipating the fulillment of this prophecy, looking forward to the period when the Messiah would reign over the whole earth. Gold, according to Haggai , belongs to Yahweh, the Sovereign over all. Gold was used extensively in the building of the tabernacle and its vessels and furniture, most notably the ark of the covenant Exodus , and the high priest’s accoutrements his crown, breastplate, and ephod were made of it Exodus It was imported by Solomon for lavish use in the construction of the temple of God, most notably the Most Holy Place and the royal palace Kings and Gold, then, was especially appropriate as a gift to God and to a king. Like gold, frankincense and myrrh were expensive, luxury items. 4 day vacation ideas 2016.

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