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Recuperating? Enlist the support ot your triends and you’ll recover quicker, according to new research trom the University ot Texas. The study, published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabiHtation, looked at nearly 120,000 patients in rehab and tound those who had little social support needed to spend a longer time in care than those who had triends and tamily on hand. What’s more, those with a support network not only recovered more successtully but had better quality ot lite, post-illness, believes lead author Zakkoyya Lewis.Sounds like a pertect excuse tor a quiet night in with the giris!

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Make your post-gym shower a luxurious treat, rather than a rushed affair, with Laura Mercier’s Tea Menthe Citron Creme Body Cleanse (£25 for 170ml; spacenk. com). As you create a lightweight lather, you’ll feel transported to Morocco, thanks to the fresh mint and tea leaves, carefully balanced with a little cardamom andcedarwood. This indulgent body wash will pamper your skin, with its natural coconut water and glycerin. To continue the experience, why not moisturise, post shower, with the ultra-refreshing and quickly absorbed Tea Menthe Citron Gel Body Moisture (£34 for 225ml)& Top it off with a spritz of the coordinating Eau de Toilette (£42.50 for 50ml), and you’re good to go! We can’t guarantee the weather will be Moroccan when you step out of the gym, but you can dream for a few moments…


Where? 58 South Molton Street, London; niroshini-acupuncture.com I’m lying on a massage couch, feeling pleasantly relaxed – despite the fact my face is dotted with about 30 tiny acupuncture needles. For millennia, acupuncture has been used to rebalance and heal the body. Now, it’s being recognised as a holistic way to rejuvenate the face an alternative to Botox and fillers. Facial acupuncture works in two ways: first, by stimulating points that correspond to the body’s meridians and organs, it boosts inner wellbeing to give outer radiance; second, by stimulating circulation, it prompts healing to soften fine lines. Holistic facialist, Melissa Day’s cosmetic acupuncture techniques add an extra dimension – lifting and toning facial muscles to improve contour and tone.

A qualified facial and cosmetic acupuncturist and reikpractitioner, Day began my luxuriousNiroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Ritual with a thorough medicalfeeling history and diagnostic eye reading- to determine which meridians to ework on. She then cleansed my facebefore deftly and painlessly insertingthe fine needles at key points. A relaxing hand massage followed whilethe acupuncture worked its magic. Needles removed, Day applied soothing arnica gel and began a wonderful facial massage, using lymphatic drainage and acupressureto ease away tension. I rose feeling totally revived, my face – as beforeand-after snaps testified – looking plumped and moisturised.’ days of being active in the mountains. İt was luxurious and relaxing, using Carita products to revitalise and moisturise dehydrated skin. The two-hour Royal Colour Body Experience (€245) at the Spa Evian Source at the Hotel Royal wasunlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Aromatherapy oils and salts are speciallytuned to various colours and are used to work directly on the emotions and the body simultaneously. İ had a long soak in a treatment bath with colour-tuned salts, then a scrub and wrap, then a shower, followed by a massage with more aromatherapy colour-tuned oils. İ really didn’t want to leave.


Whilst L’Ermitage has a gym in the spa area and an indoor pool, the outdoor pool with its spectacular views exerted a much greater pull. The grounds themselves are blissful and worthy of some serious wandering. Check out the bee and insect habitats dotted throughout. İ sat for a while beside a pond filled with water lilies visited by jewelled dragonflies. The grounds and facilities of both hotels are available to all guests, including the outdoor swimming pools, tennis (with optional coaching), andthe famous golf course. The hotel is happy to organise extra activities too, such as sailing on Lake Geneva, mountain walk excursions, bike hire and skiing in winter. There’s even a small climbing wall on site and e-bikes for visits down into the town. Or, if you need to rest those muscles, the historic funicular travels direct from the Hotel Royal to the town and back, from mid-May to mid-September.


Flights to Geneva are available from various regional UK airports with Swiss, BA, Monarch, Flybe and easyJet. Prices start from £55 return including taxes. Rooms at L’Ermitage cost from 158 euros per night for a standard double room shared. A transfer booked through Evian resorts is 130 euros each way from Geneva airport for a max of three people; evianresort.com.

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