2015 World roadmap

2015 World roadmap for But let me share with you what God said: Alas for those who centered their lives on material things, when My Day comes; My appearance will be Fire. Already My Footsteps are heard and My Footprints seen by many; when I reveal Myself to those who did not acknowledge Me, when in these times of grace I presented Myself as Mercy and as a Lamp, I will reveal Myself then as a consuming Fire. Why, did anyone believe I would pass by unnoticed? And do you still believe that the Master will pass you by without any retribution? It is, therefore, good to repent daily.4 Our spirit in its sinfulness will shrivel with fear when this inner revelation of soul is exposed in our consciousness and especially when we recognize that it comes from God.’ I saw again how they were resisting this Message, so I asked, But don’t you want to know the truth about your soul?’ One of them managed to say: Yes, of course. But it’s frightening. Can you explain more about the positive side of it?’ Yes! While this is going on, God will be exuding His Fragrance on your soul, purifying it and embellishing it, and the scales covering your eyes will fall off. 2015 World roadmap 2016.

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