2015 Tunnel of love

2015 Tunnel of love for He named the handwriting of the Messages hieratic writing’ which means sacred writing. I have come to know that among other well-known mystics, St Teresa of Avila experienced raptures of the body or at times just part of her body. I believe that what I experience in my hand is a mitigated form of rapture, and trust that the Lord has His own purposes for this. As I said, the Lord teaches in a simple way, adapting Himself to the individual. When I’m conversing with God in the spiritual world, I still know what’s going on around me in the material world. I’m present in both the material world and the supernatural world at the same time. One time in Bangladesh when I was having a locution and writing down the Message, my housekeeper came in yelling about something, a telegram I needed to sign for. 2015 Tunnel of love 2016.

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