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2015 top travel destinations for . . . That he ought to be both compensated and rewarded for it, will not be denied, and also that if all were at once allowed to avail themselves of his ingenuity, without having shared the labors or the expenses which he had to incur in bringing his idea into a practical shape, either such expenses and labors would be undergone by nobody except very opulent and very public-spirited persons, or the state must put a value on the service rendered by an inventor, and make him a pecuniary grant. Critics of the patent system often disputed the need for an incentive to promote the inventive work that many considered to be a natural manifestation of human curiosity. In a different guise, a similar point was made by mid-20th-century critics who considered the declining economic role of the lone inventor in favor of the corporation to undermine the justification for awarding patents. This position reflected the belief that the social usefulness of the underlying invention bore no clear relation to the earnings generated by a patent, and furthermore that corporate investment in inventive activity did not depend on the prospect of a patent. 2015 top travel destinations 2016.

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