2015 Tayland pictures

2015 Tayland pictures for God uses these supernatural communications, favors, and gifts without any activity on my part. These visions, spiritual dreams, miracles, perfumes, and enlightenments have been given abundantly for His Glory and for our benefit and the benefit of the Church. God will explain: I want to let you know how I work; have you not heard that I speak by dreams, visions and signs? I speak first in one way, then in another until I am heard.’1 However, not all dreams are Messages from God ? only spiritual dreams, or what is known as the sleep language of God’. In the Bible, God names His Prophet: dreamer of dreams’.2 The virtue of a dream is that in one fast-moving reel God can speak with minimum conscious interference. In my case, I have had many spiritual dreams which I sometimes call visions’. 2015 Tayland pictures 2016.

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