2015 Roadmap

2015 Roadmap for I look quite ordinary, a plain housewife on the outside, but within in some really odd way it was as if God had created me and trained me for one purpose only: to lend me out to the world, to mingle among them and be His Echo, echoing His Words from the Love Hymn He dictated to me naming it Himself True Life in God. In short: I am God’s child, trained by Him and sent as an unsuspected secret agent on earth to look after His Interests. My purpose of my being created is to be a witness and work for the spreading of His Kingdom. Engraved in me is one objective: to serve God and offer myself as an oblation. He planned this mission long before He created me; He told me so. He created me at this specific time in history, for this specific mission. Each one of us has a mission on earth. 2015 Roadmap 2016.

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