2015 Map of tokyo metro

2015 Map of tokyo metro for The way He creates beauty and nature as well with all its different shapes and colors, the colors of the rainbow, for example, signifies to me that God loves beauty and His Majesty enjoys what He creates. When you look at certain creatures ? like funny birds ? one must have a sense of humor. Why does He create these funny creatures? Because at the same time as being Pure Light and Sovereign of All, He’s a joyful God, a smiling God, He’s happy. God does not hide His satisfaction when He creates things, for all that He creates He says to Himself: This is good.’ And, don’t forget, those good things He creates are for us! He delights to give all these good things freely so that we enjoy them and share with Him the magnificence of His creation. Twice I have seen Jesus wink at me from a fresco of the Almighty that is painted on the dome of the Greek Orthodox churches. Both times were when I felt that there was no solution’ to a situation I was going through. 2015 Map of tokyo metro 2016.

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