2015 Map of spain

2015 Map of spain for To me you will come!’ Although he was shrieking out his threats, I thought, What a fool he is to believe that he will win in the end ?’ He must have guessed what I was thinking, because he said in a menacing tone, I am not a fool!’ Then with a malicious laugh and with irony he shouted at those poor souls, Have you heard? She called me a fool. Dearly beloved souls, I will make you pay for her sayings.’ As he was about to take new lava to throw, I turned to Jesus in despair and asked Him to do something to stop him. Jesus said, I will stop him.’ The moment Satan lifted his arm to throw the lava it gave him so much pain that he screeched, cursing Jesus and then he shouted at me, Witch! Go! Yes go! Leave us!’ Suddenly there was the sound of voices coming from souls standing just outside the gates of Hell ? the lowest Purgatory, but not in Hell. Aware of our presence they cried desperately to us, Save us, save us!’ Then out of nowhere, someone came forward to Satan; I understood it was one of his demons. I believe Satan could no longer see us, as he carried on as though we weren’t there. 2015 Map of spain 2016.

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