2015 Map of new york

2015 Map of new york for While we are experiencing this Fire, we will have to choose ? either God will conquer us entirely and bend us to His Will and we will lose the battle, or we will continue our rebellion against Him, thinking we can win. To go out of the black obscurity of our soul we need to be shown in our soul what we are carrying.’ Some of my friends who were listening said that they too had undergone similar experiences, but not to such depths of agony. One of my friends blurted out, But this is terrifying!’ I responded: Well, although the Day of the Lord sounds terrifying, one should not fear, because as God put it, we will have unbounded joy when it is over. We will receive the joy of God’s Luminous Presence, a better understanding of our Creator, and a more intimate relationship with Him. Above all, this revelation of our soul puts us straight on the right path, and renews our spirit. When the renewal takes place, says the Lord, many will be vested with Myself and all the Saints and Angels will give thanks for the gift of My Holy Spirit. 2015 Map of new york 2016.

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