2015 Map of mont saint michel

2015 Map of mont saint michel for This is a sign from God. Once, while I was on the road driving with some friends, I was speaking about God the Father when suddenly we were all perfumed with incense ? it was all around us. This type of thing has happened many times. The fragrance of incense has manifested, either coming from the notebooks containing the Messages or simply permeating the air around us as we prayed or were sharing the Messages. Many people around have smelled these fragrances; they are a sign of God’s Presence. Why would God give such signs?’ From the moment I entered into this mysterious world’ and was given a task beyond my strength, God, being very aware of my weakness and my dependence on Him, has blessed me with a variety of supernatural manifestations of His Presence. My constant need for God is like a child’s need to be always near its parent, and these signs are the Father’s way of always reminding me He’s there. 2015 Map of mont saint michel 2016.

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