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2015 Map of monsters den for The following day I confided in Msgr Ren? Laurentin, who is an expert on mysticism and phenomena, and he simply said: It is a Sign given to you from God; God feels glorified by you and wants to tell you that He is with you.’ I heard his words with a sigh of relief, as I had felt unsure of my speech. The Sign was reassuring, telling me that my speech on Unity was what God really wanted me to say, and that He was glorified. The Sign told me that the additions to my speech did not really come from me, but from the Holy Spirit. In such moments one never thinks of taking a picture; however, I had two witnesses who saw the glitter. What about the Shekinah sign?’ Another phenomenon of God’s Glory and Presence is the wellknown Shekinah. This usually appears in photographs because of the sensitive eye of the camera. 2015 Map of monsters den 2016.

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