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2015 Map of moldova for The Day of the Lord Next day, I met them and as soon as we had sat down they began to ask me in particular about what I experienced when God revealed my soul to me showing me my real self ? the way He sees me. I accepted their invitation as I remembered the words that Jesus once pronounced: I am determined to save this generation by parading My Mercy; so be happy all you who hear the melody of My Voice and have your fill in Me, your God.’1 As soon as we gathered I said: Let me put it straight to you: God is Fire ?’ Looking at their eyes I noticed they had not grasped what I said. I did not want to mince my words so I added, This is called the Day of the Lord. I might as well name it after my own experience the Day of Choice or Baptism of Fire.’ It still did not click. That Day can come abruptly upon anyone at any time, just as it happened to me. 2015 Map of moldova 2016.

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