2015 Map of minecraft world

2015 Map of minecraft world for It is a sort of a mini-tribunal before the actual Day of Judgment. And if I were you, I would pray to experience it now, while you are still on earth.’ That shocked and confused them, so they asked: Why do you say that?’ Because this Fire reveals and rids you of your innumerable sins. You can call it, God’s Merciful act. God is love, and not less when He reveals Himself as a consuming Fire. It is better to experience this purifying Fire here on earth rather than later in Purgatory. Why? Because your life will become like an unceasing prayer, pleasing to God and it will lessen the amount of time you’ll spend in Purgatory after you die, where the soul’s suffering is even more intense due to its separation from God. 2015 Map of minecraft world 2016.

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