2015 Map of michigan

2015 Map of michigan for Suddenly He bent over me and lifted me up all the way to His Breast. I could not turn my head to see His Face but I felt immensely loved by this Presence. I saw myself trying to turn my eyes leftwards to catch a glimpse of Him, but could not manage to do so. The white of my eyes were yellowish and I was shocked to see how sick I was! Using what little strength remained in me, and with great effort, my skinny little hand desperately stretched out to grasp His large sleeve and not let go. Immediately, at this pathetic gesture of mine, I felt the Holy One’s Heart cry out with pity and sorrow; such pity and such love! Then He carried me ever so gently and tenderly to take me to His House and heal me. Like a watchman, His Eyes never left me, and like a loving mother He raised me. And with His love He healed me. 2015 Map of michigan 2016.

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