2015 Map Of Liverpool

2015 Map of liverpool for I had not realized that tears were running down my cheeks. I was not weeping; they were tears of awe. Weakened by this powerful vision I looked around, through my tears, and saw the quantity of notebooks containing God's Messages. Suddenly a new awareness swept over me as everything became crystal clear.

2015 Map Of Liverpool Gallery Photos

2015 Map Of Liverpool

I asked myself, Have I really written all these with God? How can this be? It was then that I became totally aware and conscious that God was genuinely guiding me, and the notebooks truly did contain the words of the Almighty! If before there had been the slightest remnant of doubt, in a flash it was gone. Then, in that instant, I had an image of the whole universe. The vast expanse of everything seemed like nothing, really nothing in size or wonder compared to God's awesome power and greatness.

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