2015 Map of lahore

2015 Map of lahore for I was taking down a Message from Jesus and as He talked to me I suddenly asked, Can’t You just lift the veil slightly so that I may see You?’ Without warning, Jesus did as I had asked! At that moment I felt, more powerfully than ever before, this awesome, magnificent Presence all around me. The overwhelming power of this Mighty God came upon me like a thunderbolt, crushing me flat to the floor! I lay there for some time, incapable of standing. I no longer felt the Presence of a Someone’, but instead in a flash I saw something frightening in its power, terrible, overwhelming. I found myself shaking, but not from fear. I had been jolted by the sheer inexplicable power I had experienced. My whole being was permeated with God’s Mightiness and Greatness. Everything around me ceased to have any relevance and the totality of my very being was suddenly focused on one massive, all-enveloping crescendo of transcendent bliss. 2015 Map of lahore 2016.

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